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Peru Tours With Cultural Crossroads
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DO remember that thanking someone for his or her hospitality with a small gift is always an appreciated gesture.

DO expect to pay to use restrooms, especially in cities.
DO bring your own toilet paper, as many public restrooms in Peru do not have any.
DO expect to pay higher prices than locals in Peru. The prices you will end up paying are still far lower than what you would pay in North America for the same products.

DON’T use the words ‘indio or indios” to refer to natives. These words are considered derogatory.
DON’T call someone over to you using an upward curled first finger. Although this is the same gesture that you would use to beckon someone closer to you in North America, in Peru it is considered an insult.
DON’T go shirtless in any city, town or village.
DON’T take pictures of people without their permission.
DON’T wear jewelry out in public, as this will make you a possible target of crime.

Cultural Crossroads Tours of Peru at a Glance

  • Gourmet Fusion in Peru

    For eleven days delve into the cultural heart of Peru via a hands-on exploration of its world-class gastronomy and rich cultural traditions. From Lima to the Sacred Valley, we meet organic farmers, cook with distinguished chefs, visit art collectors and spend time with local friends who invite us into their homes and their lives, offering us extraordinary access rarely granted to foreign visitors. Whether this is your first time to Peru or your fifth, the journey to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is compelling. An overnight stay below the site at one of South Americaís most stunning eco-lodges allows us to savor our experience with time to reflect upon Machu Picchuís visual grandeur, rich history and mysterious allure. An extension to Puerto Maldonado is recommended for those with an appetite to experience the brash, natural world of the Amazon. Our lodging is at the upscale, eco-friendly Reserva Amazonica. A twilight boat ride, a suspended canopy walk, a two-mile hike to Lake Sandoval, highly trained naturalist guides and great food make our jungle experience second to none. Fly to Arequipa to explore Peruís ďwhite cityĒ with its stunning views of 19,000-foot volcano Misti, which towers over this pretty colonial town. From here, Colca Canyon is within easy reach. Witness the majesty of giant condors soaring on thermal currents and hike along ancient Inca routes between rural villages while nestled in rustic, charming lodging near the canyon.


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