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The most economically powerful country in the world, United States is also one of the most beautiful, culturally rich and interesting countries to explore. Whether you were born in America, or you come from any other part of the globe, whether you like modern pop-culture or the ghost towns of the Wild West, whether you are seeking relaxing sunny beaches or high adrenaline adventures; whether you are a nature observer or a museum trotter, you will always find more places to visit than you have time to see.

For the cultural traveler, the United States offers more diverse experiences than any other destination. From the painted caves in Santa Barbara to the Guggenheim in New York, from the Navajo Indian rituals to the voodoo traditions of Louisiana, from iconic Hollywood to the Maine Autumn Festivals, the cultural mosaic of the USA is endlessly rich and exciting.

The combination between the pristine nature in majestic national parks, abundant wild life, a wealth of UNESCO world heritage sites, ultra-modern cities, superb road infrastructure and the convenient and comfortable travel services, makes the United States always desirable to visit.

Cultural Crossroads tours across the USA are custom made only, since the possibilities are so immense, that we cannot limit ourselves to just the traditional itineraries around New York, Washington DC or California. We are posting here, on our website, some of examples of tours we have designed for our distinguished customers.

Please feel free to call us at any time, describe your interests and your dream trip in the USA, and we will design for you a magnificent program to fit your needs.


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